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Key Takeaways: LES Silicon Valley Chapter 20th Annual Conference: “AI Unleashed – Unicorn or Trojan Horse?”

Thank you to Edgar Baum, CEO, Avasta, Toronto, Ontario, who has generously provided this in-depth recap of the conference:

"...The overarching theme of this conference was AI UnleashedUnicorn or Trojan Horse.  The lineup of speakers and panelists ranged from innovative startups that are less than two years old Mark Leonard to contributions from one of the world’s most valuable companies care of Shaloo Garg at Microsoft .

This conference further reinforced the need for broader recognition and adoption of the Intellectual Capital in the Boardroom Standard that I’ve helped co-author at LES since 2016 with Paul RobertsRon LauriePeter Harter and others – see abstract.  This Standard systematizes how the board and leadership of a team can build business strategy while being conscious of opportunities and risks that cannot be protected or mitigated by IP protections ‘today’ but are business critical and can be protected ‘tomorrow’..."  SEE MORE

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The Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. & Canada) (LES) is a non-profit, professional society directly involved in the transfer, sale, use and development of intellectual property, including professionals in the fields of law, academics, science and technology, in both government and the private.  LES is a part of LES International (LESI) with societies in some 90 countries.  SEE MORE

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