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LES Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Member Spotlight with Joe Yang - May 9, 2024  Read full article here
"The Silicon Valley Chapter: 23 Years and Counting" by Larry Udell - LES Viewpoints May, 2023  Read Full Article Here.

“Trade Secrets, it’s all about the Conversations” by Dave Stevens, IP Attorney and Business Advisor, Stevens Law Group - January 11, 2021
n knowledge-based industries, cultures of innovation fuel companies' drive to innovate and lead markets. Within these company cultures, ideas among inventors and innovators are shared in protected environments...Read Full Article Here.

"People as Enablers: The Role of the Human Factor In Intellectual Asset Management of Technology" by Bowman Heiden, Visiting Professor at UC Berkeley and Co-Director at the Center for Intellectual Property - October 2020  (This article graciously provided, which appeared in les Nouvelles and LESI, for republication.)
When we move from an industrial to a knowledge-based economy, the role of management shifts from the application of knowledge to work to the application of knowledge to knowledge. This is Peter Drucker’s classic definition of the knowledge worker, who brings their own capital...Read Full Article Here.

"Integrated Value Creation - Part 1: Accounting, ESG and the Intangible Information Gap" by Mary Adams, Founder, Smarter-Companies - July 2020
Today 100% of U.S. public companies provide accounting information to the markets. 80% of these also provide some type of sustainability data. Investors are awakening to the importance of sustainability but want to connect the dots between these two messages. 
The integrated reporting movement presents a solution: multi-capital models of value creation... Part 1: Read Full Article Here    Part 2: Click here

"What's Next for FRAND?" by Richard Vary, Partner, Bird & Bird, London -  June 2020
The last year has been an exciting year for FRAND. The TCL v Ericsson verdict was set aside. The FTC's decision against Qualcomm was also lifted pending appeal. Germany's Supreme Court has overturned the Sisvel v Haier decision, swinging the pendulum in Germany more in favour of patent owners. But the most keenly awaited event is the UK Supreme Court's decision in Unwired Planet...Read Full Article Here.

"Introducing the Silicon Valley Chapter’s Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) Initiative" by Ron Laurie, LES-SVC Chair - June 2020
The Silicon Valley Chapter has recently announced an initiative to expand the chapter’s focus -- as well as its participation base -- from licensing as a primarily legal function, to licensing as an essential tool in structuring a broad range of corporate transactions in which “Intellectual Capital” is a significant value driver. The meaning and scope of intellectual capital can best be understood in the context...Read Full Article Here.

"Basics of a Licensing Deal" by Larry Udell, LES-SVC Founder - Inventors Digest - May 2020
During the past half-century, thousands of inventors have asked me about licensing their invention instead of investing lots of money in a new business. There are no real secrets to successfully licensing a new product or technology, but it does require patience and research time. Here is how to determine whether licensing is right for you...Read Full Article Here.

"Cybersecurity in Medical Devices" by Soody Tronson, STLG Law Firm - May 2020
Cybersecurity continues to gain attention as advancements in smart medical devices and platforms are made, and more providers opt for the use of connected medical devices. Beyond the technology itself, what makes the landscape more challenging to navigate is a multitude of guidelines, specifications, and standards set forth by various entities...Read Full Article Here.

"USPTO Joins EPO in Rejecting AI as Inventor" by Soody Tronson, STLG Law Firm - April 2020 
On April 22, 2020 the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) published a petition decision explaining that, under current law, only natural persons may be named as an inventor in a patent application...Read Full Article Here.

"Adding data to your IP monetisation playbook: how to make sure your company is ready" by Efrat Kasnik, President, Foresight Valuation Group - IAM Winter 2020
Alongside other intangible assets, companies are deriving a growing amount of value from the accumulation of large volumes of data. But as with patents, valuing and then monetising those newer assets throws up various challenges...Read Full Article Here.

What Is 5G? Understanding The Next-Gen Wireless System Set To Enable Our Connected Future" by CB Insights - April 2019
In the last decade, 4G wireless technology has become the standard for many mobile consumers around the world...Read Full Article Here.

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