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With Millions of Dollars at Stake:
A Trial Lawyer’s Perspective on Litigating
and Trying IP License Disputes to Juries and Arbitrators

Panel Discussion and Networking  Lunch

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Patrick Arenz, Partner, Robins Kaplan
Additional panelists TBA
Trials over IP License Disputes often turn on issues that may not have been the focal point of negotiation. For instance, parties naturally spend significant time negotiating royalty rates of any given deal. But when there is a dispute and the parties head to trial with millions of dollars on the line, the verdict often hinges on some other term that the parties spent less time on before signing the agreement. In the presentation, the panelists will walk through real-world examples of jury trials and arbitrations with seven, eight, and nine figures of damages at stake, highlighting terms in IP License Disputes that are often at issue in litigation and trials. Considerations and best practices will be suggested for how licensing professionals can best protect their interests—as a licensee or a licensor—at a future trial while negotiating these provisions on the front end. At the end of the day, the strength and value of an IP license agreement lies not just with the most prominent terms, but with the confidence that a party’s interests in the agreement withstand the fire of trial when millions of dollars are at stake.
Patrick Arenz, Principal, Robins Kaplan
Arenz-Robins Kaplan photo 2017Patrick Arenz is a trial lawyer who litigates and tries high-stakes cases, including cases involving patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and other commercial disputes. His clients are as diverse as his practice, ranging from small inventor-led companies to Fortune 100 companies. The common link between all of these clients is the need for vigorous, focused, and strategic trial counsel in cases that matter most. For instance, with respect to patent enforcement, he has helped three separate inventor-led clients each achieve licensing revenue well in excess of eight figures. He has also litigated cases on both sides of the “v” in significant competitor-versus-competitor patent disputes.
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